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Mar 25, 2023


Hello Everyone,


I’m not sure how else to tell you this but all games have been cancelled for today. Fret not! We will make up those games, unless there are 2 or 3 cancellations in a row (Not unheard of in Colorado). We will pick things up at week 3 and reschedule those games for the last week in the season.


Enjoy the day and thank the Lord you will not be freezing your butt off. I for one is very grateful. Time to binge watch something.



Verse of the Week


But he that received seed into the good ground is he that heareth the word, and understandeth it; which also beareth fruit, and bringeth forth, some an hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty. Matthew 13:23 (KJV)




Please ensure you have matching color jerseys.

Please remove all jewelry and other loose items.

Ensure you wear shorts or pants with no pockets, or pockets must be sewn shut.

Please help clean up the area where we play. Pick up all bottles and trash. 

If anybody has any prayer request, please let us know so we can lift them up to God in prayer. You can let me know or email me.