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May 7, 2022


Hi all,


Well, we got another season in the books. There were some people that doubted us but we managed to pull it off. Thanks to everyone that participated this season. From Directors, to Field Sups, to Coaches to Players. It was a fun season for sure. Letís do a quick recap of the day, shall we? The day started with the Seahawks taking on the BWA. The only surprise to this one was BWA didnít realize they made the playoffs. Once they settled in to that reality, they the realized they had to take on the number one seed. Thatís OK. They didnít back down in the least bit. Unfortunately for BWA, the Seahawks had a feeding frenzy as they obliterated the hapless BWA. I have to give credit to BWA, they not only showed up, they kind of gave them a game. It wasnít a gimmie, thatís for sure. A lot of teams donít even bother showing up when they know they are last seed. Congrats to BWA in that regard. The next game pitted the TMC and the Gladiators. Although the Gladiators was seventh seed, not only did they show up, they fully expected to win. The Glads even got on the board first as TMC came out flat. Nevertheless, TMC finally started to pick up the pace a bit as they managed to hold off the Gladiatorsí relentless assault. In the end, TMC proved to be the better team as they defeated the Gladiators. TMC advances. In the next game, the Lions had absolutely no problem with the Wolverines. Not sure what happened to the Wolverines in that game but it definitely was not fun to watch. Q said that was his best game ever. He had a pick and threw a TD. Good job to the Lions as they advance. The final game of the quarter finals turned out to be the best game of the day. Hardwork came out to play as they took on the Goats. Hardwork jumped out to a 3-1 lead by halfway but the Goats never lost their composure as they rallied in the second half to tie it up and send it into OT. It took two tries but the Goats pulled out a big big win. Big props to Hardwork for giving all of us a fantastic game to watch. The Goats advance. In the semi finals the Seahawks took on the Lions in what should have been a shootout. However, it was the Seahawks that controlled every aspect of the game. The Seahawks continued their slaughter as they had all season with a beatdown of the Lions. That sent them into the championship as expected. In the other semi-final, the 2 seeded TMC took on the 3 seed Goats. It was a defensive struggle for sure as both teams refused to budge. It was 1-1 at the half. After that it was all Goats as they got in a few great runs, and they totally shutdown TMCís offensive. Switching QBs had no impact on the Goats. Goats advance in a surprise upset. Well both teams finished 5-2 so it really wasnít a surprise, I guess.In the championship, the Seahawks believed they had it in the bag as they ran through the season undefeated and they easily dispatched their first two opponents in the playoffs. They also had already beaten the Goats in the regular season. Who could possibly stop them? And the Goats were without their leading receiver too. Well, as the Seahawks flatlined their entire season, the Goats progressively got better and better as the playoffs wore on. They were not even phased that they were playing the number one seed. Seahawks had the confidence going into the game but that quickly eroded when the Goats scored twice on them. Since they never had anyone even come close to beating them, you could quickly see the collapse coming. It was as if the whole team deflated at once, while the Goats looked like sharks circling in the water. They just poured it on. By the time it was 6-0, most of the Seahawk players were done. The Seahawks managed to get in one score before the game ended but by that time the writing was on the wall. Goats took it all. Javon told me at the very beginning of the season that he was going to win it all. I guess his prediction came true. Go buy some lottery tickets. You may be on to something.


Thursday night is open to all. We have 2-3 spots left depending on who you talk to. Donít miss your chance at redemption. Sign up at www.christianfellowshipleague.org. Have a great Mothersí day and enjoy Memorial weekend. Hopefully we will see you in June.


Verse of the Week


My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth. 1 John 3:18 (KJV)





Please ensure you have matching color jerseys.

Please remove all jewelry and other loose items.

Ensure you wear shorts or pants with no pockets, or pockets must be sewn shut.

Please help clean up the area where we play. Pick up all bottles and trash.

If anybody has any prayer request, please let us know so we can lift them up to God in prayer. You can let me know or email me.