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October 20, 2018


The regular season of the Saturday league has come to an inevitable close. I'm sure for some of you, that went by too fast. For others, the end couldn't come soon enough. I want to congratulate all the teams for playing and for actually showing up. Even when the chips seemed to be down, you all came out there with your heads high and willing to give it your all. I want you all to remember one thing. No matter how your regular season ended. You are still the same person when you started. You are the same man, the same boyfriend, the same husband, the same father. Maybe even the same grandfather. How you play does not reflect on the kind of person you are. The league is about fun, recreation and challenging yourself. It pulls you away from the hustle and bustle of life's little ups and downs. No matter how bad things are away from the field, we will still be here for you.


I don't think there were a whole lot of surprises coming out of this final games. The only important game was really the Outlaws and Bullies who were in a fight for their playoffs lives. We'll come back to that shortly. The first game was a warm up game for the Bullies. Or was it for the Oilers? The one thing we do know is that it turned out to be closer than anyone expected. The Oilers were EXPECTED to win but the Bullies came real close to pulling off a huge upset. The Bullies jumped out to a commanding lead but it was all Oilers in the 2nd half. The Oilers needed momentum going into the playoffs. That was not the way to do it. The Oilers squeak out a win in OT, and successfully grabbed that second seed spot. In another big battle the Raiders and Broncos took it down to the wire. In the end the Raiders slipped past the Broncos and grabbed that coveted 3rd seed. That gave the Broncos that dreaded 4th seed spot so the road to the championship MAY go through the Cornhuskers. I'm saying MAY because the Cornhuskers still have to beat the eighth seed. As mentioned earlier the biggest matchup on the day was the Outlaws and Bullies. This was a mini-playoff game in a sense for both teams. Winner advances to the playoffs. In a nutshell, the Outlaws had little trouble sending the Bullies home for the final time. "Bob, tell the Outlaws what they won!" YOU WON....The right to play the Cornhuskers in the first round, Yah!! Sorry guys, there is no rest for the weary. Raiders took T-Rex to task to secure that 3rd seed spot. T-Rex is done for the season as well. You guys showed promise towards the end of the season. Good job! Broncos belittled the Outlaws and turned the Broncos' season back around. Cornhuskers overran the Vikings although the Vikings kept it under control. They were missing a number of players including their QB. Braves padded their stats against the Patriots. When the Braves left that game, they couldn't be happier. Seahawks were without Drew and Teddy but they still made a game out of it as they throttled the Vikings. Unfortunately the Vikes dropped two today and that dropped them all the way down to 7th seed. Still the Vikings are a force to reckon with. I would not turn a blind eye to them. Speaking of padding their stats, the Cornhuskers beat the Patriots like it was Bunker Hill. Jerrad really wanted that reception title. Congratulations to the Huskers for finishing the season undefeated. That is a feat in itself. And in another big battle the Seahawks (with Drew and Teddy this time) were able to hold off the Braves to remain relevant. It's too soon to look past the Seahawks.  They will turn it up next week the game is on the line.


So, the playoffs begin next week. Get your kool-aid, popcorn and pull up a chair. It will be a wild ride.



October 18, 2018


Yelp, its all over, stick a fork in it, its all she wrote, fall ball under the lights is over, ya it sucks I know!  A new champ but (old champ) was crowned or should I say re-crowned.  All the games were close, well except round 2 against the Pirates and Penguins.  The Penguins had enough offensive fire power to beat the Seminoles in the first round, but the Penguins were a little much for the Pirates, Penguins move on to the Ship!  Romans and the Wolverines also had a good battle, even though the Wolverines lost by 2 the game was close, but #5 of the Romans came to play, gotta give a shot out to the “old veteran” he made several crucial plays in this game to help get his team to the championship game!  So, the table was set the Penguins and Romans battled it out for the ship.  Both teams loaded with experience and speed were evenly matched!  This game was worth watching, standing out in the cold lol!  Each team exchanged points, this game was like a heavy weight championship each team threw a blow, but the other team countered to stay in the fight!  Again #5 on the Romans made a crucial red zone pick, everyone thought he had a pick 6 to put his team up, but for some reason he was flagged for a jump!!??! Ya a jump juke or something IDK!?  So, the high powered offense of the Romans had to punch it in and that they did!  With a few plays left the Penguins had a chance to match the point.  The Penguins offense drove to the red zone and with one play left had a shot to tie the ball game up.  The Penguins had a one on one match up they liked, with their left wide out matched one on one against the Romans corner who was also the Romans QB, not only was Lechuga slinging the rock he was playing corner.  SO HERE WE GO!  Left wide out ran a come back at the first cone in the end zone and Lechuga made an interception to end the championship dreams of the Penguins!  What a play, throwing for 6 TDs and making the game winning interception!  Way to play out there! AND The new heavy weight champions of the world are the Rooooooomaaaans!  Yep their back on top, hopefully we get to see ya guys out there on Saturdays this Spring, great team ball out there!  And to all the teams great sportsmanship this year! And especially during the playoffs as well, most the games were close but most importantly all the teams held their cool out there!  Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season!  See ya in the Spring!




October 13, 2018


The time has come,' the Walrus said,

      To talk of many things:

Of shoes — and ships — and sealing-wax —

      Of cabbages — and kings —

And why the sea is boiling hot —

      And whether pigs have wings.'


Lewis Carroll - Alice in Wonderland


One of my favorite poems when I was growing up. I wanted to start things off with that verse to say to all of you that the time has come for me to past the reins on to the next generation. It has been an awesome 29 years. From the first time I stepped on to the field to becoming a coach, a Director, a senior Director, to President. That is something I would have never considered as recently as 10 years ago and yet here I am. I feel like I accomplished a lot of things in that time period. Maybe a bit too much as I look back on it. The league went from being just a spring league, to adding a Fall league, two weeknight leagues, two summers leagues, and two annual tournaments. We held three awesome charity tournaments, raised toys for Toys for Tots, Clothing drives, and food drives. We became an official nonprofit, added a website, a registration system, and gave away hundreds of dollars to families in need. I would also like to believe we have helped dozens of young men, to become good husbands, good Fathers and all-around contributors to our society in general. We have accomplished a lot of things in the past 12 years. We didn't just play football. We became a fixture in the Denver metro area. My hope is we will continue to do so in the coming years. For now, Quentin Jones will be taking over as President, but he will have plenty of help from the other board members as responsibilities will be redistributed accordingly. As for me, I will still be around to help out, so they will not be completely rid of me. I just need more time to spend with my family. We are quickly approaching empty nest status and my wife would like for me to be around a bit more often than I have been. She has been a trooper all these years and she deserves this almost as much as I do. So, be on the lookout for changes coming next spring. Otherwise it will be business as usual up until the end of the Winter tournament. Even the website will change if Bogie has his way.


I just want to plug our 4 on 4 Co-ed tournament Virgil and I are running Sat, November 10. This is not a money tournament. Just a bunch of men and women coming out and playing football. If your significant others have been sitting on the sidelines wishing they could play, this their chance to get in the game. Sign up at www.endthezone.com and join us for some fun.


Now on a more serious note, I hear that things are getting a bit testy at the fields lately. We have had altercations two weekends in a row. I didn't even hear about the one last weekend until this Saturday, which is surprising because I usually hear about that stuff quickly. The one that happened this Saturday, I heard about really fast. I shouldn't have to remind all of you that this is Christian league. That means you can't curse up a storm then turn around a say "Hey I thought this was a Christian league?" That applies to you as well. In fact, it should start with you. Yes, I admit we have let a lot of stuff slide which is why we are where we are. Mostly because I haven't been there as much as I use to. That may have to change if I can't leave you children alone for a second. There shouldn't be a moment where "Oh Brian isn't there, let me act a fool!" 99% of you are great. It appears I'm always chasing that 1% that takes up 99% of my time. Once I get the details, you can expect to hear from your coach, who will hear from me. If you threaten players, you will not last long here. There are plenty of other leagues out there you can act up, but the CFL will not be one of them. And yes, the N-word is a curse word and it will be treated as such. I don't care how many rap songs you listen to. If you wouldn't say it in front of your grandmother, you shouldn't say it here. If you DO talk like that in front of your Abuela, then let me be the first to say, you were not raised right.


A lot of people were asking about the sign up sheets last Saturday. Andre wasn't around to sign people in so everyone gets a free pass.


On with the show. As we approach the final week things are shaping up to a very competitive playoff. The Cornhuskers have already clinched the number 1 spot. so whomever grabs the number 8 spot better bring it. The 4th and 5th seed probably isn't the best place to be because the road to the championship may be the through the 1st seed unless the 8th seed can pick it up. Let me say, for the record, any one of you can win this thing. The biggest drawback is your attitude. All of you have the skills to win this. I truly believe that. In the first game, The Cornhuskers came out strong and laid waste to the short handed Raiders. That's a good way to say you never lost to the Cornhuskers by not showing up. Way to go Raiders' players. More on that later. The Broncos teed off on T-Rex although they were nice enough to let them get into the end zone twice. In the next game (and everyone is wondering what I'm going to say about this game) the Raiders were down to six guys, Eddie was hurt with a pulled hamstring so he was done. My best buddy George was looking at me like I was going to suit up. I was wearing all black since I had to ref later. I purposely leave my cleats at home so I don't do anything stupid like play. Well the Raiders needed a sixth players to take on the high-powered Outlaws. So I said, OK, I'll give it a go. My only hope was to survive. I have to admit it was great centering for my old QB George. I wasn't totally in-sync like the good old days but I was able to not embarrass myself. I had some a few good catches and I able to put some pressure on the QB. I guess the highlight was my catch and pitch to Shondell. Now the Outlaws swear it was a forward lateral. In fact the Outlaws did a lot of swearing at the back judge. So here is the funny thing and I will move on from here. The last time I filled in on a Saturday team, I was helping the Hurricanes. They were short players and they were playing the Outlaws ironically enough. The game was tied and the Outlaws were driving. They were on the 2 yd line with one play left. They successfully converted and won the game. This time it was the exact same scenario. We were tied and the Outlaws were driving. They were on the two yd line with one play left. I was in deja vu moment. The results were way different as we rushed from the outside and the QB threw an out that was picked off and ran all the way back for a TD. It was a fantastic ending to a fantastic game. Truthfully it was just a blast being out there and playing with everyone again. I don't think I helped much, but I'm sure I didn't hurt. I am hurting now, that's for sure. And please don't tell Mom. She would kill me if she knew. I'm trying not to move around much. Anyway, I helped the Raiders avoid a double loss much to the chagrin of the Outlaws. The Cornhuskers completed the sweep of T-Rex. Alan asked me why did I schedule T-Rex to play the Broncos and the Cornhuskers on the same day. Well to be honest the Broncos were considered a weak team based on the last two seasons, so it was actually a fair schedule. Obviously the Broncos are, well the Broncos again so the T-Rex got pounded. And to add insult to injury, Teo got hurt in the process so it was just a bad day all the way around for the prehistoric playas. The Oilers added to the Outlaws' woes by downing them by two. The Outlaws are really struggling to even make the playoffs. The Broncos finished their sweep by violating the Vikings although the Vikings held their own. The Oilers also slipped past the Seahawks in a close one. The Seahawks are not used to losing and its starting to show in the worse way. Everyone should be ashamed of bad sportsmanship regardless of who does it. The Vikings got their groove back by blanking the Patriots. And lastly the Bullies were a no-show so the Braves got a win and a very nice drive to and from the field.


So for next week, the most critical game will be the Outlaws and the Bullies, assuming the Bullies show up. The winner advances. Another crazy but critical game will be the Raiders and Broncos. Why you may ask? Because the winner will avoid that 4th seed spot. That's why. They both need that win. The rest of the games are for seeding. Enjoy your weekend, see you next Saturday. If you have time, drop by Barnum East for the West Night championship. It will be late but it will be fun.



October 11, 2018


Well the end is here, its playoff time baby!  Win or go home, rain or shine its ON!  As you can see by the scores from last night, the competition is close!  The weather didn’t hold these boys from playing, well except the first game of the night the Romans had a little too much offensive fire power for the Wolverines.  The Romans definitely got in rhythm as the season went on and look like the team to beat!  Next up was the #1 seed vs the #2 seed and it was a show down for the ages, in the end the Romans pushed passed the speedy Penguins, a preview of the championship!!!? Maybe!  Not if the Pirates have a say so, it seems the speedy Penguins were running so fast they were slipping outta their cleats lol, but the Pirates were focused, and the weather didn’t affect their play, and they gave the Penguins their first loss of the season.  In the final battle of the night, the drizzle started to fall but both the Seminoles and Pirates came to play, the intensity was high as these 2 squads exchanged points.  But in the end the weather got the best of the Seminoles receivers, 3 dropped TDs in the endzone wont get ya the W, come on now “Pacman” aka the cop who plays on the Seminoles, you gotta catch the Ball, especially if it hits you in the hands or the face ha!  Next week should be fun, the weather looks to be good, so it shouldn’t be a factor in the outcome of the games! 






But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

Matthew 24:36-39 (KJV)


Text Box: REMINDER………


Please ensure you have matching color jerseys.

Please remove all jewelry and other loose items.

Ensure you wear shorts or pants with no pockets, or pockets must be sewn shut.

You must use our flags to play. You cannot use your own.

Please help clean up the area where we play. Pick up all bottles and trash. 

If anybody has any prayer request please let us know so we can lift them up to God in prayer. You can let me know or email me.