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July 12, 2018


Tuesday Night League


Well canít believe it but the Summer Rec League is wrapping up, time flies when your having fun!So the stage is set the top 6 teams our in the tournament and to be honest anyone of them can take the ship! The games that mattered this week were nothing less then exciting and intense.The Wolverines and the Donkeys battled it out till the last play of the game.The Wolverines came out flat to start the game off but managed to tie it up when they were down by 2! With a few plays left the Donkeys drove the distance of the field to go up by 1.But the Wolverines still had 4 plays to tie it up.At mid-field with one play left the Wolverines threw up a hail marry but came up short.These 2 teams battled it out for the #1 seed and the Donkeys had a little bit more in the tank.The next win and in game was the Cougars and the 49ers!This was a defensive battle game from the start.One team would score and the other would match the point.This was defiantly the game of the night, loser goes home, winner moves on to the playoffs.In the end the veterans on the Cougars team, got up in OT on the 49ers.Once again, the 49ers fall short of the playoffs, just like in the spring league.Good job Cougars, way to play hard!49ers better luck next time, TIP: instead of the back and forth hooping and hollering, play as a unit, and Ayyy Angelo text me back, I gave you a good deal on those jerseys your team is wearing they still need to be paid for!††So, letís get ready for the most competitive Rec playoffs to date.Good job to the teams that made it, you earned it, so come out ready to play, cause its on now, you lose you go home, you win the ship your squad get recognized in the CFL championship hall of fame, and your get to sport a CFL T-shirt.So, teams LezzzzGO!See you guys out there Tuesday Night!


July 4, 2018


Thursday Night


In the first game of the night the Oilers did not come to play with any intensity.We looked half asleep out there.Rockers didnít have a hard time beating the Oilers, you gotta show up if you want to beat a veteran team.Oilers will be ready to play next time we meet, I can guarantee ya that.The Seahawks goose egged the Alphas.The Alphas have a lot of speed and talent, but this game is a lot different from those other leagues, hopefully you guys get the hang of it the last 2 weeks of the season.The Braves got a warm up game against the Alphas and moved right past them, to prepare them for the game of the night, against dem Bullies.Was a defensive battle thru out most of the game, but the Bullies had a little more offensive fire to one up the Braves in a close and competitive game!Bullies put themselves in a good position to make a higher seeding in the playoffs with that W, and own the head to head against the Braves.Hope you all have a safe and fun 4th of July, we will see ya out there tomorrow night, donít eat to much burgers ha.


June 29, 2018


Tuesday Night


Lets get to the Tuesday night not so rec league games.The Cougars finally pulled off a W against the Saints, Saints whats going on with you guys you won the silver championship in the Spring now you guys put it on cruise control!?Lets go!The 1st place Donkeys got smashed by the Hurricanes, I guess the #1 Defense didnít show up for this one.The Wolverines walked pasted the Dragons, sorry Dragons, but scoring on last play of game made it look closer then it actually was.The 49ers stomped on the Pirates.And finally the game of the night the Warriors gave the Bulldogs their first lost in a back in forth game in OT!!!Good work Warriors.This week theres a couple big match ups coming up, 49ers vs Donkeys and Wolverines vs Warriors, both these games will have playoff implications down the stretch!



June 25, 2018


Thursday night league, I owe you all an apology as well, for not positing the latest news the past few weeks, as mentioned below I will make sure Iím on it from here on out!Letís get to these match ups.First game of the night was a no show by the Penguins, and they ďforgotĒ to tell anyone they werenít showing, not cool fellas, give us a heads up, some of us drive far just to get out there under the lights, Seahawks take the easy win.The first actual game played was a high scoring affair!!The Alphas and Bullies were lighting up the score board!!The bombs were raining down haha.On the last play of the game the Bullies were up by one, instead of kneeling it and moving on to their second match up, they decided to go for it, BAD decision!The Alphas finally played some defense and picked the pass off and took it to the house on the last play of the game to tie it up!†† But in OT, the Alphas didnít have enough fire power to match the Bullies, the Bullies get the W.In the second game of the night the Oilers jumped to an early lead, it seemed like the Bullies used up most of their offense in their first match up, or were some plays SHAVED!!???This game moved a little fast for all of us, the Oilers get the W.The final match up of the night was a good one, the Rockers and Braves battelled it out till the end, with a back and forth game.But the Pat lead Rockers were able to make one more play then the Braves to take the win, these 2 teams will probably see each other in the playoffs again!There is going to be some big matchups coming down the stretch, so make sure your team comes out ready to play!



June 23, 2018


Hey fellas I apologize for not posting the latest news the past few weeks!Ill make sure to keep up on this from here on out.The Tuesday night rec league is once again shaping up to be the most competitive rec league so far!In the first match up of the night, which defiantly was the game of the night, the hail, rain, and some even heavier rain didnít stop these 2 teams from taking the field.The 49ers came out with the intensity to get the game started and jumped to an early 1 to 0 lead.But I have to say that it was hard for both teams to catch the ball with the weather.I was playing in this one and Iím sure I can speak for all the guys who were playing it was FUN, felt like we were all kids again out there.This game became a defensive match up, and it was up to the D to make a play once the ball game was tied 1 to 1.With 5 plays left the 49ers were driving for the game winner, they were near half field mark, when their QB made a costly mistake.The safety for the Wolverines had baited the QB into thinking the right WR was wide open, once the QB threw the deep ball the safety made a play on the ball and picked it off in the end zone and ran it to half field.With 4 plays left the Wolverines drove down the field to win on a goal line play on the final play of the game.I would like to say this, tension were high during this game, as the captain of the Wolverines, I apologize for my team getting a little heated, I know both of these teams are very competitive but arguing with one another is not good sportsmanship, and at the end of the day myself along with a few of my team mates did not practice that.Good game 9ers we will probably meet again in the playoffs.As for the rest of the games the Pirates blew by the Canes to wrap up the early games.The Saints did not even show up to play the Donkeys, I mean they showed up but the Donkeys stout defense held them to a goose egg!The Cougars got bulldozered by the Bulldogs, who are showing up as one of the top teams in this league.In the final 2 match ups of the night the Saints barley snuck one by the flaming Dragons.And the Donkeys jumped up on the Warriors to remain the #1 team in the league, they will be battling it out with the Bulldogs down the stretch for that #1 spot!†† Again, fellas Iím sorry for not posting the past few weeks.I like to highlight the best match up of the night, so if your team wants to be recognized out there bring youíre A-game! Lol!Hope you all have a good weekend!



June 4, 2018


Well we are kicking off the summer series with a bunch of good games. Both leagues appear to be evenly balanced so it should be a good league. Things kick-off tomorrow night with the Tuesday night rec. If you are in the neighborhood, stop on by for a game or two. You'll be glad you did.



For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

Matthew 16:26 (KJV)




Please ensure you have matching color jerseys.

Please remove all jewelry and other loose items.

Ensure you wear shorts or pants with no pockets, or pockets must be sewn shut.

You must use our flags to play. You cannot use your own.

Please help clean up the area where we play. Pick up all bottles and trash.

If anybody has any prayer request please let us know so we can lift them up to God in prayer. You can let me know or email me.