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September 20, 2018


Wednesday night league is shaping up to be the most competitive yet.The rain didnít stop these boys from coming out!Well everyone except the Buffs, they forfeited and gave the W to the Pirates.So the first match up of the night was the Wolverines and Seminoles, Wolverines jumped out to an early lead and didnít look back, the Wolverines fire power was a little too much for the Seminoles, (this time).But Iím sure things might be a little more competitive when they face off again in a couple weeks.Romans and Seminoles was a back and forth game, each team would match the others team scoring drive.Which lead the game to 3 OTs, and that wasnít enough to decide the winner in this match up, these 2 teams will see each other down the road as well, hopefully with a different turn out.We all know what Aaron Rogers says about a tie ďitís the same as a loss.ĒPenguins and Romans was another close heated match up!These teams loaded with veterans had a chess match to the end, and the Penguins pulled off the W!Some big match ups are coming up next week the Seminoles and Pirates will be battling it out to stay in the playoff race, and the Wolverines and Romans will also be a completive match up!



Sept 15, 2018


First of all, I just want to say, I'm not doing the Wed night write ups from here on out. That is all Jake! So I might say that the opinions expressed on Wed night are not the opinions of the CFL or its affiliates. Namely me!I will continue to do Saturday write ups. Those are definitely my opinions.


Speaking of Saturday, I guess by now you have noticed that you have quite a few doubleheaders. This is our guinea pig season and guess who the guinea pigs are? Guess again! Yeah, it's all of you. A lot of you have said you prefer doubleheaders because you apparently drive all the way from Timbuktu and it sucks driving all this way for one game. So we are going to try to see if you prefer doubleheader games. Now we can only pull this off if we have 10 or 11 teams. once we get back up to 16 teams or more, this probably will not be possible. But in the mean time, let's see how you like it. It's really tough on hot days like this.


Speaking of hot days, just because we bring water doesn't mean you should stop bringing your own. If you know it's going to be hot, and you know you are going to be playing doubleheaders, why would you not bring your own water? I purchased 3 cases and it was all gone in four hours. We should not be you sole source of water. Bring your own. If you run out, then come get some but leave some for those that truly need it; like the refs who are out there all day long.


OK, some of you are asking, "man why has the league gotten so small?" What happened to the days where we would have up to 48 teams going? Well, we have two things going on. One is plain old attrition. As people drop out due to injuries, old age, etc, the league naturally shrinks. The other issue is we haven't been actively recruiting new teams either. If you talk to your average person on the street, there is a high probability they never heard of the league. We need to get the word out. You should all be out there promoting our league and helping us build it back up. So do your part and we will again see the league back the way it was in its heyday. If you believe we have a good product, why not sell it?


So let's discuss today's events. The Raiders battered the Braves in a game that was actually better than the score indicates. The Braves, who blurted out a curse word every other play, stayed within one TD all day until the end before the Raiders managed to pull away. Funny they can remember every call that don't go their way but can't seem to remember when they get favorable non-calls. The Outlaws absolutely demolished the returning Patriots. Someone lied to them when they were told this league is easy. Joe, what did you tell these guys? The Oilers, without their starting QB, still managed to wrangle the Raiders but the Oilers had to rally in the second half to do it. The Raiders seemed to be more concerned about making to another league instead focusing on this one. The important one! The Outlaws may have had the Patriots' number but the Cornhuskers took it from them. You score eight points in one game then you give up seven in another one. Seems fair! I didn't have to watch that game to know that the Outlaws' are still intimidated by that Husker's aura. "Ah man, we're playing the Huskers. We already lost!" Sounds familiar? I lot of you think that way AND YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER! I'm not limiting this thought process to the Outlaws. This is a belief that is pretty wide spread. You should never go into a game thinking you will lose. If you do, you already loss. I absolutely guarantee you that the Huskers never go into a game thinking they will lose. Why should you? Speaking of which, let's jump into the Seahawks-Cornhusker's game. At some point the Seahawks were leading the Huskers 4-1. Now if I recall there was a championship game were the Seahawks were up by 3 and the Huskers came back and beat them. You would have thought the Seahawks would have learned something by then. Nope! They got ahead and took their foot off the gas. Maybe they were thinking about that tough game against the Bullies. Who knows! Whatever the reason, they let up. Remember what I said about the Huskers never believing they will lose? There you go!Huskers took it to OT and stole a game from the defending champs. Nice job, Huskers. The Broncos were successful in their return to primetime as they held off the brave Braves. The Broncos started off well before the Braves mounted a great comeback to tie things up. Then it went back and forth for a minute before the Braves defense started to break down and they allowed two easy TDs. The Broncos seem to be their old self now that Mikey has returned to the fold. Maybe not as fast but definitely still elusive. The Seahawks licked their wounds and bullied the Bullies to split the day. The Oilers went undefeated on the day by squashing the Vikings. Vikings played them tough in the first half before losing ground quickly in the second half. Actually it wasn't bad for a team thrown together at the last minute. And in the last game of the day the Bullies redeemed themselves by thrashing T-Rex. Bullies split the day.


As for the playoffs, since we only have 11 teams, we are just going to take the top eight in a winner-take-all playoff tournament. So now you know. Since you all play each other, there can't be any excuses like so and so had an easier schedule then we did. You all have the exact same schedule. Strength of schedule will not be an option. If you went 0-2 today you are in a dark place right now. But remember this: You don't have to beat the top teams to make the playoffs. You only have to beat the three worse teams. Don't be the worse. Hmmm, I haven't had trophies in awhile. Maybe trophies this time around? let me know what you think!


Good luck next week. May the force be with you. Hopefully a little cooler than today!


Sept 12, 2018


Well I can say this football is in the air, and the Wednesday night teams are very competitive.In the first match up of the night the Wolverines the defending Wednesday night league champs put it on the Pirates, this wasnít a game at all.Next up the Romans took on the Buffs, but the Romans had a little more in the tank to push past the Buffs.In the final match up of the night the speed of the Penguins blew past the Seminoles, Seminoles better be ready to play next week, you bet we will too!LOL!This is going to be an exciting season fellas.Next week will be filled with some exciting match ups, and the first big match up of the season, the battle of the undefeated, Penguins vs. Romans!Hope you all have a good week and see ya next week!






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Please ensure you have matching color jerseys.

Please remove all jewelry and other loose items.

Ensure you wear shorts or pants with no pockets, or pockets must be sewn shut.

You must use our flags to play. You cannot use your own.

Please help clean up the area where we play. Pick up all bottles and trash.

If anybody has any prayer request please let us know so we can lift them up to God in prayer. You can let me know or email me.