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May 24, 2018


I want to thank everyone for coming out this year! The season was a success and overall very competitive!! Letís start with the playoffs. In the first game, which wasnít a game at all, the Ducks whipped up on the Canes. The Canes are the ones who asked for a re-match, (next time be careful what you wish for). Sorry Canes but there werenít any controversial or questionable calls in this game. The Ducks came to play, and the Canes didnít seem like they got over the loss from last week, Canes go home, and the Ducks move on. In the semi finals first game the Ducks had momentum at the start of the game and jumped to an early lead. Once both teams settled down the Colts bounced back from being down early with a couple of key INTs in the red zone. This was the most competitive game of the night, it was tied up at half time and the Ducks came out with the opening drive and scored. The Colts were not phased by this, they came back and scored to tie the game up. The game went down to the wire, with the Ducks up by 1 with a few plays left, the Colts D made another red zone INT, to give them a chance to tie the game with 3 plays left. First 2 plays were short passes to give the Colts a hail marry shot on the last play of the game. The Colts threw a deep pass down the right-side line, but was a little over thrown, and their receiver aka DeAndrea Hopkins, did not have a chance to make a play on the ball. In this tough fought battle, the Ducks move on to play for the SHIP!In the 2nd semi finals game, the Buffs and Los Patos, battled it out. It seemed as if the Buffs came in a little more fired up and lead thru the entire game. Los Patos did try and keep the game close, but the Buffs experience and execution was to much for Los Patos. Even with the Buffs QB going down early with an injury, Los Patos could not keep up with Buffs, they were up by 2 points for most of the game.With one play left Los Patos threw a bomb to make the score look closer then it was.Los Patos go home and the Buffs, (cough cough OLD Oilers) move on to the championship. With the Buffs #1 QB out of the game due to injury, unfortunately it was never a ball game. The Ducks game out with intensity from the get go and were up by 4 points before the Buffs knew it.The Ducks speed, QB playing, defense, and execution was a little too much for the Buffs, this game was out of reach at half-time. So, the low seeded Ducks with an extra game pulled off the unthinkable (Lol) and they were crowned the new champions of the rec-league, (sorry guys had to its been awhile since one of my squads won one, so I have to kinda soak it up)!Again, I want to thank everyone for coming out, the games were intense in the playoffs and throughout most of the season, but for the most part we all handled ourselves the way we should out there. We all left it out on the field and we all showed good sportsmanship, even when it was hard too! WE all appreciate that! Thatís what this league is about giving it 110% out there and at the end of the game congratulating your opponent for the W, this is true sportsmanship, and I know itís not easy to do that. But these acts are what this league is about. Thank you, players and coaches,! Summer league is starting up in a couple weeks so get your team signed up!!!!!



May 20, 2018


Well fellas, we are at the finish line.There is a 3-way tie for the final 2 spots, so instead of going back and forth on who beat who, we decided to play for the final playoff spot.The Ducks did end up beating the Canes, but it was a close game with a few questionable calls, so the Ducks agreed to play the Canes again, so the winner takes all, well not all lol, winner gets to play the #1 seeded Colts.Los Patos will have another shot at the Buffs.This should be a very competitive tournament, as the season was one of the more competitive rec leagues we have had.So, teams bring youíre A game and come ready to play!



May 12, 2018


Before I begin, I want all of us to be thankful. First of all, be thankful that you have the physical ability to even play this game. Some people would love to be able to simply walk. I also want to thank Mother Nature for cooperating fully for our championship weekend weather. We couldn't ask for better weather. Not too hot and hardly any rain and minimal wind. Thanks to the teams for allowing us to complete the tournament in one day. That was very helpful. I want to thank the Dragons for jumping on short notice. We had a couple of teams go down to injury so we were blessed to have a couple of reserve teams. It was a fun (if not long) tournament but everyone was on relatively good behavior and very good spirits. Things may not have turned out the way you wanted but I would hope you had fun, and you took this opportunity to learn something so you can come back even stronger next time. I'm not going to go through each game. I will post the championship games for both the Gold and Silver. Give me a few days. It takes a bit longer to produce than the GOTWs. I add music and additional stuff to make it look, well, better. After all, it is the championship games.


Get your team together for the Summer tournaments. We have both Tuesday night and Thursday night under the lights. Don't be shy. Get signed up. Leagues begin in 3 weeks.



May 4, 2018


Well things are getting close down the stretch, only one team has clinched their playoff spot and a handful are fighting to make the tourney.In the first game of the night the Colts continued their dominance.49ers hung in the game but if you want to compete with a top team you cannot throw picks in the end zone!The Ducks defense held off the Buffs offensive attack, these two teams might see each other again if they win out!The Hurricanes and Broncos turned out to be a close game, maybe a little to close for the Canes who pulled off the ďWĒ with only a few plays left in a tied ball game.A good throw in the corner of the end-zone by the shinny bald headed Qb, lol!In the make up game from the lights going out a few weeks back, the Hurricanes were warmed up and ready for the quarterback less Los Patos team.Los Patos could not find any offense, and the Canes and that shinny bald headed QB, took full advantage of this, and came out on top!Los Patos started to pick up the offense in their next game and put 3 up on the Kings.So, the Colts clinched the #1 seed with their W, and four teams with the same record will battle it out for the last three spots, but donít sleep on the 49ers who will be in the mix too!You all enjoy Cinco de Mayo and be safe out there cruzin feds lol.




For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

Matthew 16:26 (KJV)




Please ensure you have matching color jerseys.

Please remove all jewelry and other loose items.

Ensure you wear shorts or pants with no pockets, or pockets must be sewn shut.

You must use our flags to play. You cannot use your own.

Please help clean up the area where we play. Pick up all bottles and trash.

If anybody has any prayer request please let us know so we can lift them up to God in prayer. You can let me know or email me.