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Feb 4, 2021


Well I would say Happy New year but its been so long since the year started, I’m going to have to go with happy belated Ground Hog day. Seriously, if you are reading this then you have survived Covid19, an election, an attempted coup, GameStop stocks and God knows what else has been going on with your life. Yes, there has been a lot of changes of late but life just keeps pulling us along. We are hoping and praying you haven’t had anyone close to you pass away due to Covid. Whether you believe it’s a dangerous disease or not, it has still had a significant impact on everyone’s life. CFL notwithstanding. Speaking of which you are probably wondering are we still around, or we not still around, what’s up with the CFL? Well, we renewed our website for 2021 so that’s a good start. We re-registered with the state of Colorado so we’re all good there.


Yes, but what about the league, you say?


Well, that is a good question of which we don’t have a good answer for. The whole Denver Parks and Rec permitting thing during Covid has really thrown a monkey in the wrench or something like that. Denver Parks and Rec has just begun permitting again as of this Monday. We’re not sure what restrictions they have in place at the moment. Back in Nov, they had a restriction of no more that 10 people on the field. That doesn’t bode well for 6 man football. So, we have two question at the moment. 1) can we get fields and 2) what are the restrictions for use of said fields. That is our dilemma at the moment. There are quite a few others but finding a place to play, we would consider numero uno. We want to have a spring and a fall league and we want to have our standard tournaments as well. Everything is driven by field availability at the moment, and that is driven by Covid. Anyway, we ask that you keep watching the website and keep praying for all of us as we navigate through these unprecedented times. As soon as we are given the OK by the field people, we will be back on our feet in no time.  As Quentin has so famously said “God bless CFL”.


Text Box: REMINDER………


Please ensure you have matching color jerseys.

Please remove all jewelry and other loose items.

Ensure you wear shorts or pants with no pockets, or pockets must be sewn shut.

You must use our flags to play. You cannot use your own.

Please help clean up the area where we play. Pick up all bottles and trash. 

If anybody has any prayer request please let us know so we can lift them up to God in prayer. You can let me know or email me.