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April 16, 2018


Goodness, I spent two hours yesterday writing up my weekly update then in the process of downloading something else, I accidently overwrote everything I had done. I spent the next hour or so trying to recover it to no avail. So I sat down, grabbed my dinner and watched the season finale of the Walking Dead, and the season premiere of Fear the Walking Dead. I did manage to update everything, except for stats. I said a lot of things in my weekly report before my mishap, and maybe when I get home, I will try to recreate it but for now this will have to do. I'm off to work. Have a great week!


April 12, 2018


Hey Fellas, this is not Brian lol, I wanted to introduce myself before we get to the Wednesday night games!  This is Jake Olivas coach of the Ducks on Wednesday nights and coach of the “New” Oilers on Saturdays.  Be a little patient with my writing, I’m not on any social media stuff like, FaceSnap, Instapost, or tweeter whatever their called, but dang I probably got a Myspace page I gotta update lol, in other words this is new for all of us.  Myself along with other directors are going to be getting more involved in making our league one of the top leagues! So, I will be doing the Wednesday night updates. I’ll do my best to make the latest news page as exciting as Brian does, but I’ll be straight forward I’m not a bestselling author like Brian (Yet). On that note I wanted to give a shout out to Brian and the directors, just being involved the past few month, Brian along with Q, Drew, Paul and Erica put A LOT of work to make this league run the way it does. If you think, ehhh it ain’t that tough, you best think again. There is a ton of behind the scenes stuff these guys do for us to go out there and play this game we all love. So, THANK YOU guys!  If you see them out there, it would be cool to let them know they are appreciated! Ok, now on to some football!


One thing that’s been posted lately are “tips” to be more competitive on the field.  I’ll say this, I’m still a student of this game, I’ve been blessed enough to play with a few guys that have been playing a lot longer than me and shared some good tips out there. George Fernandez QB of the Raiders, Mario aka “Supra” from the Cornhuskers, and Brian Sump from the Oilers. They have taught me a lot about this game, thank ya fellas!  So, new squads when we post the tips, pay attention it’s for your teams benefit out there. While watching a few of the games last night the biggest thing I noticed is the QBs wanting to throw the bomb on every down. TIP: Develop a rhythm instead of letting it go on every play, hit your check down and shorten the routes, this will help build some confidence. Throwing the deep ball is always nice but you won’t get anywhere doing it on every single play. Hey unless you want to lead the league in INTs, then keep at it lol. On to the not so rec games, these games are getting more competitive every week.


First game of the night wasn’t a game, sorry Broncos. I’m a die-hard Bronco fan, but if you guys are the Broncos, you gotta represent. Showing up with 4 guys to start the game ain’t representing the home team, by the end of the game the Broncos had 5 ½ guys. One guy tweaked his ankle bad, and still played. (Heal up man your team needs you!)  End result on the game, the Ducks flew right past the Broncos. The 2nd game of the night was by far the best game of the night! These 2 teams (loaded with veteran players) went down to the wire. The Colts lead most of the game until the last 10 plays, emotions ran high on the side line, but C thought the emotions were a little to high and sat out a Colts player for 6 plays.  Down by 2 with around 10 plays to go the Buffs aka (cough…cough…) old Oilers lol, (sorry had to throw that out there Luke) took full advantage of the short-handed Colts defense. The Buffs went with the 2 QB set and scored a quick TD, down by 1 with 6 plays left they had to go for the onside kick, and again the old Oilers (I mean Buffs) converted the onside.  With around 5 plays left the Buffs took a shot at the end-zone and #2 made a tippy toe catch in the back of the end zone, at least we thought so…Let’s just say the ref on the other side didn’t see it that way and called it a no catch! It was close and could have went both ways. The Buffs then made their way to the goal line and on 4th down tried the quick shovel pass play, the shovel pass wasn’t there so the QB threw a jump ball in the corner of the end zone that was denied by the Colts DB. Great defense out there Colts, with only 5 guys making a goal-line stop to win the game. Game 3 was lopsided from the get go.  The 49ers came out with a lot of emotion, and de-crowned the Kings from the start of the game.  Drew even caught himself a TD, (careful out there QB, your squad is going to need you on Saturdays!) Kings have some talent and speed, but this league is different from 8 on 8 your used to, its fast pace, with the no-contact rule so its very challenging to stop teams from scoring. I apologize for not being able to stay to watch the final game, but dang man, I got tired out there it was past my bed time.  From what I heard it was a back and forth game, again from 2 veteran squads, a little after 10:30am the lights went out! Sorry but I have to do this, especially with a team name like this because… “life is a risk then you die homez”. (In my vato voice) Odale homez los Patos are up at the half  4 to 3, so let’s see what happens Ese! These two squads will have to battle out the second half of their game in a couple of weeks. This game will have huge playoff implications, so you know both teams will be ready to ball.  Shoot, you guys should have pulled your cars up and turned the lights on! Don’t you guys remember turning on mom or dads headlights back in the day just to throw the football around, ha.


Well hope you guys enjoyed my first latest news post, I’ll see most of you out there on Saturday, have a good week!  Its mimiz time!



April 7, 2018


Well it looks like we dodged a bullet with the weather. Man, I was sweating what Denver Parks and Rec was going to say that morning. I couldn't sleep. I dreaded making that call to the weather hotline. I didn't get out of bed to check until 8:00 AM. I'm usually out the door by 8 AM. So that call was a huge sigh of relief. You guys will never know. Well some of you do.


My photographer had an emergency at work so he wasn't able to show up yesterday. He plans to be out there this coming Saturday.


OK, I need to discuss something quite serious with all of you. It bothers me greatly. I found out that a couple of players jumped on other teams to - quote "Help them out" unquote. That is a huge HUGE no no! You can't play on two different teams. Absolutely not. I don't care if they are short players. That is not your problem, That is that coaches problem. If you are on one team, you cannot, under any circumstances, play even one down on another team. Its ghetto. It brings the league down a level. It's like showing up in different color jerseys ghetto. Sorry Huskies, I had to say it. The only way you can play on another team is if that game is declared a forfeit before it starts. Then you can do whatever. before I continue my rant, let me state what the rule says about it:


1Y     FINAL ROSTER 2 – No player is allowed to play on any other team in any game at any time.  If a player plays on another team that player must serves a 2 game suspension (including playoffs) before they are allowed to return to their original team.  (Team recruiting that player will forfeit that game).


One of the players is new to the league. He did ask if he could play but all the directors had stepped away from the field and apparently the refs and the site supervisor didn't know the seriousness of this rule. So I kind of understand him not knowing although the coaches of both teams should have known to not let him play. The other player most definitely should have know that it is a serious violation. Now one of the refs told me he sees players do it all the time. Do not let me catch you doing it. You'll be sitting out two games. I'll just tell you right now. Playing on two different teams is a pet peeve with me. Once you sign in for a team in a season, you stay with that team, PERIOD! I'll address this issue with the Directors on the two players that violated that rule.


OK, my tip of the day deals with defense this time. I noticed a lot of teams do not cover the double hike very well. If you are running a 3-2, 2-3 or even a 4-1 it is the LB's responsibility to cover the second QB. As soon as an offensive player drop back for the double hike, the LB should come all the way up to the line of scrimmage to cover him. As soon as the rush whistle is blown, run up to the second QB and cover him like you would any defender. This takes away the option. Don't worry about what is going on behind you. The corners and safeties should have your back. So, let's play a scenario so you see what I mean. So the offense has all five players on the line. You are the left side LB regardless of defense formation. This even works for man-to-man. Ball is hiked. The left side slot receiver drops back into the back field to act as a second QB. The left side LB abandons his zone and runs up to the line of scrimmage. As soon as the rush whistle is blown you run all the way up to the second QB and cover him. Now if the QB decides to dump it off to the second QB, you are right there to pull the flag. It's that simple. You should be able to shutdown many plays with this strategy. If you are the LB on the side of the second receiver who becomes an option QB, and you don't run up to cover him, that is so your fault. I'll just say it. 


In case you are not aware, we have not one but two summer night leagues. Yep, under the lights. We have a Tuesday night rec and a Thursday night competitive. They begin June 5 and June 7 respectively. Start getting your teams together. I'll probably begin sign ups around the end of April. If a league isn't your thing, we also have a one day summer tournament around the first or second Saturday in August. It's usually very competitive as well but it's a lot of fun. More info on that later.


Also, Virgil and I run a 4 on 4 tournament. $1000 prize to the winner paid on the spot. It is also a one day tournament. This year it will be June 30. Registration begins next week. We are starting to get some out-of-state interest in the tournament. You'll hear more about that later. We even lowered the entry fee to make it even more affordable. You don't want to miss this, I promise!


Ok, I'm done with my rants and promos. On with the show. I wound up videotaping two games today. I recorded the Huskers/Oilers game and I recorded the Seahawks/Vikings game. I promise to try to mix it up next weekend. I'll record a game for some teams that never been recorded before. I got my eye on a couple. I'll try to get them up tomorrow although the losing teams of both games weren't particularly thrilled about seeing their demise. And to make them feel even better, it will probably be there as long as Youtube exist. Such is the life span of the internet.


As I look at the standing right now, I can't help but wonder who is going to make it to Gold and who is going to drop down to Silver. If the playoffs started next week, these are the teams that would make Gold:











Noticeably absent from the list are teams like the Broncos, Cougars, and Saints. Two new teams, T-Rex and Gorillas are also playing fairly well. Now if one of these Silver teams move up, that means one those eight gold teams will move down into Silver. Therefore, I contend that the Silver will not be easy pickings. So whether you make to Gold or fall to Silver, there is no easy path to the championship.


The first game of the day really wasn't a game. The Aztecs were a no-show. Too bad! I'm sure the Saints were looking forward to padding their stats. I understand the Aztec's pain. When you are on a team that haven't won a game, it's hard to get out of your nice warm bed on a cool morning to get your butt kicked, but maybe that attitude is exactly why you are getting your butt kicked. I don't care if you are 7-0 or 0-7, you get up, get warmed up, and be ready to play. That is what good teams and good teammates do. If you don't want to play, why did you sign up in the first place? Another rant by me. I admit it. All I'm saying is show some love for your coach who put all this together. The least you can do is show your appreciation by showing up. The Cougars made short work of the Dragons. The Cougars remain 1/2 game back behind the Seahawks, setting up a divisional showdown next week. More on that later. The Oilers flatten the Falcons. The Falcons said they hung with them for awhile before the Oilers pulled away. The Brave blasted the Saints in this rare shutout. The Saints were without their star QB Jordan and it showed. They were no match for the Braves high powered offense. The Braves have won 3 in a row to get back in the divisional hunt; however, they are heading back into their tough schedule. Let's see how they do over their next 3 games. They have a pivotal game against the Seahawks as well. In the first GOTW, the Cornhuskers came from behind to oil down the Oilers, giving the Oilers their first loss of the season. The Oilers looked like they had all the momentum then a controversial call followed by an inadvertent whistle really cost the Oilers the lead. With that being said, Mario, standing in for JJ, heaved the ball into tight coverage a couple of times to often and the Huskers managed take advantage with a few picks. All in all, it was a very good game by two giants. I'll post the video as soon as I can. The Braves padded their stats against the Falcons who came off a disappointing loss against the Oilers. They were just gassed by the time they had to take on the Braves, and it showed. The Huskies are finally getting into a rhythm but they were still no match for the feisty Gorillas. Good close game. In the second GOTW, the Seahawks vanquished the Vikings. The Vikings were hanging tough until Reggie dropped an easy TD. That appeared to change the entire momentum against the Vikings. They suddenly couldn't do much right and the Seahawks took it up a notch and put it out of reach by halftime. All I have to say is if you talk trash on Facebook, you better be prepared to back it up. The Seahawks appeared to be ready. That loss by the Vikings makes next weeks' game extremely critical for them. OK, the Broncos held off the Huskies but let's face it. The Broncos should be blowing teams out with that offense. I even gave them a 3rd tiered schedule. They barely beat a team that was thrown together, and wear different color T-shirts. I can't for the life of me figure that one out. I'm sure they feel the same way. Either that or I'm giving the Huskies way less credit than they deserve. The Raiders made T-Rex go extinct. then they followed that up with a Bulldogs beat down. The Bulldogs were pulling all kinds of shenanigans in that game but the Raiders didn't seem to care who Bulldogs suited up. With that double win, the Raiders get a better grip on 1st place in their division. It's my understanding that everyone is really fighting for that top seed in Gold. The first round of the playoffs in Gold is crucial. The Steelers wore down the Gorillas in a game that was much closer than the score indicates. The game was tied with something like 12 plays left in the game so the final score is a bit misleading. Nevertheless, the Steelers remain in the hunt for the division title. Unfortunately for them, the Raiders hold the tie breaker.


OK, we got two huge games with playoff implications. The Vikings have a chance to overtake the Cornhuskers in this divisional matchup. Stay off facebook, Vikings. The last thing you want to do is give them a reason. The other big game is the Seahawks against the Cougars. The Cougars could win the division because they are heading into the easier part of their schedule. If they win, they will hold the tie breaker. The Seahawks, on the other hand, still have to face the Cornhuskers and the Braves. They need this win to put it out of reach. Another big game will be the Aztecs and the Dragons. Assuming the Aztecs show up, one of those teams will remain winless. How did the Dragons and Aztecs wind up in the same division? Other games to watch are the Raiders/Braves. One of these teams can be pushed closer to Silver than they would be comfortable with. Oilers and Steelers should be a good one. And lastly I like the Falcons and Bulldogs matchup. Falcons feel they can finish out the season strong.




And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

Genesis 2:7 (KJV)


Text Box: REMINDER………


Please ensure you have matching color jerseys.

Please remove all jewelry and other loose items.

Ensure you wear shorts or pants with no pockets, or pockets must be sewn shut.

You must use our flags to play. You cannot use your own.

Please help clean up the area where we play. Pick up all bottles and trash. 

If anybody has any prayer request please let us know so we can lift them up to God in prayer. You can let me know or email me.